What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

So Valentine’s Day has just passed and with it a ton of new engagements for the new year! Even if the question was popped on another day, all of you lovely ladies are probably wondering what to wear for your engagement photos – not to worry I have you covered. I would also like to take this time to point out I am by no means sponsored by these stores, these are just a few fashion ideas to help you out.



Casual Engagement Photos

I like to play this one up a little more than just your street cloths, it’s more of a “nice dinner out” wear. Try not to be too matchy-matchy and bring in colour, patterns and textures that go well together. A little summer dress with a cardigan and flats works wonders as a pairing as well. Go for outfits that compliment each other, and colours that reflect your personalities.

Casual engagement photos

1. Scooter Top from RW Co.
2. Teal Pants from Ricky’s
3. Statement Necklace from ALDO
4. Taupe Riding Boot

5. Grey Sweater from RW Co.
6. Pants from The Boat House
7. Shoes from The Boat House
8. Watch from Timex



Formal Engagement Photos

You’re all about that bling, the glamour, the lights. Your love for one another is the star, so get dressed up and show it off. Anything long and flowy or sparkly for the ladies is perfect. The guys will do best with a suit, but its up to you how formal you go with this – you don’t need to go over the top if that’s just not you.

Formal Engagement Photos
1. Floral Maxi Dress from Ricki’s
2. Heels from BCBG
3. Necklace from ALDO

5. Watch from Nixon
6. Pocket Square from Le Chateau



 Themed Engagement Photos

You might be wondering what the heck “Themed Engagement Photos” are. Well they’re just that, a theme, or costume. The genre should mean something to you as a couple, so if you both love Mad Men then go ahead and incorporate a few props, or styles from that era. Wear something fun, and make this photo shoot reflect your shared passions and interests.


Mad Men themed engagement photography

1. Dress from Modcloth
2. Heels from Le Chateau
3. Lipstick from Chanel

4. Sport Jacket from Le Chateau
5. Shoes from The Boat House
6. Skinny Tie from The Tie Bar

Now keep in mind that these are only ideas, make your engagement your own by incorporating something only you and your significant other have. You could do the shoot at the first place you met or bring in a favorite activity you two share – racquetball anyone? Pets are always welcome at my engagement photo shoots, so bring the well behaved Pooch along for the photos.