Shoot and share photo contest

I have known about the Shoot and Share photo contest since last year, 2015 so I got to see firsthand what kind of photos were rated top in the world for this contest. At first it discouraged me, because the caliber of the photographers was more than just amazing – it was unbelievable! Instead of letting these feelings of discouragement overpower me I let them drive me, teach me and give me a mile marker to strive for.

In my journey I found that the photography industry was actually very open. Photographers who have been where I was were willing to help, to teach. Photographers here in Kelowna weren’t worried about losing business or clients to an “up-and-comer” because they knew that they had something that I couldn’t replicate. Their photography style and the thing that sets them apart from everyone in the industry is themselves! That is why it is so important to choose your photographer carefully, take the time to chat with who will be sharing your special day, and capturing your families special moments.

Connection is key, whether it’s to me as your photographer, or for me to connect to another photographer to further my education in the world of freezing moments.

It has truly been an honour to be in the Shoot and Share contest with 225,207 photos from hundred of other photographers around the world. In a world where it is so easy to overlook the things that are important, I want to thank the team at Shoot and Share for making a contest that helps professionals such as myself learn, share and connect to other individuals wanting to help better others.

Connect and share the love!

I will keep everyone updated on my progress in the contest as it progresses throughout the next week or so.


Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2016