Ryan & Beck | Paddlewheel Park | Vernon BC | Wedding Photography

Well this was officially my very first wedding… I would like to personally reach out to Ryan & Jessica (aka Beck) to thank them for taking a chance on me and  giving me the opportunity to capture their very important day.

Beck even trusted me enough to do her makeup, with such a beautiful specimen I really couldn’t mess anything up. The guys were a blast to hang out with as they were getting ready. My second shooter and I have gotten lots of practice tying ties, pinning boutonnieres and hemming pants.

This crafty bride, along with her brides maids did all of the rustic decor and flowers themselves. The grey mismatched brides maids dress went perfectly with the rustic chic atmosphere of the whole wedding. Everyone’s personality was represented based on their choice of dress.

Ryan and Beck even did a “first look” at home to calm their nerves, before they had to go to their intimate family ceremony at Paddlewheel Park in Vernon BC. “First Looks” in my opinion are well worth bending the traditional mold for. You get to capture a beautiful moment between the bride and the groom, you get to take a breather and calm yourself with the one you love + you now have more time for fun activities together.

Once wed, these two had a blast with friends and family that had traveled from all over to show their love and support for the new couple.

The wonderful girls at The Frosted Kitchen created the wedding cake and cupcakes from scratch. The desert was definitely a hit; white chocolate drizzled on top of buttercream icing – because you can’t go wrong with anything chocolate.

Dinner of course was awesome, as it was catered by Big Steve’s from Lumby BC and Steve Nagy rocked the dance floor with his superior DJ skills.

This wedding truly was about friends, family and love. Congratulations to Ryan & Beck, two people who were the best of companions and make an even better couple!

xoxo Jennifer

All the following photos were taken at Paddlewheel Park, Vernon,  BC, Spring of 2015. Canon 6D | 50mm | 24mm – 105mm

Second shooter: Jake Hodder



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