Mandy & Pavan | Gods Mountain Estate | Penticton | Fine Art Film Pre Wedding Photographer

Love has a way of transforming ordinary moments into magical memories. For one lucky couple, their pre-wedding photoshoot at God’s Mountain in Penticton, BC, became an enchanting journey filled with love and breathtaking scenery. With the bride’s sister, a talented makeup artist, making sure she was flawless throughout the photo session, and the groom donning a dashing blue tuxedo, this couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot was a dream brought to life.

Set against a backdrop that evokes the romance of Greece, their story is one that captures the essence of love and beauty.

God’s Mountain is truly a paradise on Earth.

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Penticton, BC, God’s Mountain offers an idyllic setting reminiscent of the enchanting wedding venues in Greece. The stunning panoramic views of mountains and crystal-clear waters transport visitors to a world of romance and beauty. The couple’s choice of this ethereal location set the stage for a truly remarkable pre-wedding photoshoot.

There are so many fantastic photo locations it was hard to choose just one, so we tried to get them all! Vineyard, staircase, lake mountain views, apple trees, and old world charm. I was in a photographer’s heaven.

As the bride’s beauty took center stage with one of my favorite wedding dresses to date, the groom was not to be outdone. Dressed in a dashing blue tuxedo, he exuded sophistication and charm. The blue hue of his attire harmonized perfectly with the azure skies and shimmering waters of God’s Mountain, adding a touch of brilliance to their fairytale-like photographs.



Venue: Gods Mountain


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All the following photos were taken in Penticton BC, Summer of 2022. Pentax 645n medium format Film Camera | 75mm & Canon 5D III | 50mm | 35mm | 85mm


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