Jake & Weronika | Bertram Creek Park | Kelowna BC | Wedding Photography

Well this was a fun styled wedding shoot! The power of positive thinking really came into play this day.

The weather started off sunny and beautiful, and I had everything all packed up, waiting by the door to be taken to the lookout at Bertram Creek Park. Then the sky decided to change it up a bit. I got calls from everyone involved wondering if we were going to brave the wind and rain storm that had started in on our shoot location. However I was determined and optimistic enough for everyone that we were going to be ok.

Some say that it is good luck if you get rain on your wedding day – and I think it is. It poured the morning of on mine and the day of my vintage gold, maroon and nude styled wedding shoot in Kelowna. I think both days turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

So if it rains on your wedding just keep saying “it will be fine, don’t worry” and it will be. I think the dark clouds gave the soft toned colour palette a bit of depth.

I purchased the flowers from Art Knapp here in Kelowna BC and arranged them myself – a great way to save money on your wedding day is to do the flowers yourself.

I also made and decorated the cake the day before the shoot. I was going for that nude, or naked cake look. It was a little soggy by the end of the day, being in the rain but the cast and crew ate it anyway.


Kelowna Photography Info

All the following photos were taken in Bertram Creek Park, Kelowna BC, Spring of 2015. Canon 6D 50mm | 24mm – 105mm



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