Furthering your learning with Image Studios

Part of being the best photographer you can be is by learning, experimenting, and challenging yourself to try new things. So that’s why when I saw that Fiona Hook from Image Studios was offering a class on family, maternity and newborns I jumped on it. Fiona is truly a great person, warm, inviting and informative – the perfect combination for a photography instructor.

The day started at 10:00am with introductions of the other students, where they were from and how they got into photography. You all know my story, but it was interesting hearing everyone else and what they were hoping to gain from Fiona’s knowledge of studio based family, maternity & newborn portraits.

Once the beautiful little baby girl showed up at the studio Fiona started to show us her tips & trick on how she does what she does. Of course she made everything look so effortless but she made sure that everyone was taken care of and knew what to do next.

Throughout the day Fiona had different families with different age groups come in to make sure we all got a wide variety of experiences and knew what things might pop up in a shoot.

Lunch was followed by an educational slideshow and a maternity shoot to end the day.

So I am now a bona fide Image Studio trained, family photographer who can cover any age from, newborns, infants, pre-teens, teens and even adults! Thanks again to Fiona Hook for offering this amazing educational experience.

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