DIY Decorative Wedding Chalkboard Signs

Decorative Chalkboard Signs have been a popular addition to many modern weddings here in the Okanagan. They add a little personal flair and can be charming additions to table decoration, guest lists, signage, and countless other things. Since we’re all about DIY, I’m gonna give some tips on making your own chalkboard(s), and some practical uses for them.

Be Budget Conscious

Making your own chalkboard signs is sensible if you plan on integrating them into the decorations or have need for multiple signs. If you feel you only need one, you may get lucky at someplace such Home Outfitters, but will likely pay a lot of money for it. When you DIY you can get exactly what you want, and hopefully save money for other things.

My chalkboard sign began its life as a mirror purchased from HomeSense. The store has a great selection of inexpensive mirrors and pictures in beautiful frames that can be re-purposed to house your chalkboard. Thrift stores and garage sales are always great places to search for inspiration.

Home Depot has most everything else you will need. If you’re lucky, the picture or mirror you found will have come with a solid backing (something more substantial than cardboard). You should be able to use this as your chalkboard surface, otherwise you’ll need to pick up some other material. Anything flat and rigid should work, as long as it has a nice smooth surface to paint on. The paint we’ll be using is Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Paint (about $25 for 887 ml), this one can goes a long way and can be painted onto practically any surface.

Decorating Your Chalkboard

Don’t be afraid to use stencils if your freehand game isn’t great. It’s a lot of work cutting out the perfect stencil, but it makes for a great effect, and eliminates a lot of the guess work.


You can use any font for your print off template that best suites your wedding, but here are a few of my favorites:

Adelicia Script
Museo Slab



Shiba Inu

How to Make a Beautiful DIY Wedding Chalkboard Sign

Step 1:

Buy and prep your frame/sign.

Step 2:

Paint the sign using Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Paint.

Step 3:

Print off what you want your sign to say.

Step 4:

Cut out each letter from your print off (AKA Template).

Step 5:

Tape the stencil to your chalkboard.

Step 6:

Draw in the stencil with chalk.

Archer gives you his Shiba of Approval!