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Jessie & Jasneet | Buntzen Lake | Vancouver | Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer

With covid being such an accelerator of relationships, we saw a lot more proposals, engagements, and intimate elopements this year, and let me just say that I am absolutely here for it! I have been pleasantly surprised with how many wonderful boyfriends (now fiances) have taken it upon themselves to plan such beautiful, meaningful moments for their proposal.

I had Jessie reach out to me when they had a Kelowna venue booked for the surprise proposal, but unfortunately with all of the restrictions changing every day, they had to cancel their trip to Kelowna. Luckily I was free to come to them in Vancouver! The florist, the decorator, and I hopped in an SUV packed to the windows with a ...

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Ring Boxes

I always have a collection of ring boxes on hand when I shoot the details at a wedding but I wanted to supply a list of some of the places I have found some of them so my couples can order one for themselves. Most of the following images are affiliate links and will take you directly to Amazon for purchase.

Vintage Ring Box:

This is one of my favourites I have in my collection. Its tiny but it makes your ring look huge! Its also a great option if you want to hide the ring in your pocket before proposing but don’t want a “ring box sized bulge” in your pants.

Velvet Ring Box:

I would say that ...

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