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About Kelowna fine art film photographerWhen I get asked why I started doing wedding, engagement, family & lifestyle photography I always start off by telling them a little bit of my design background. I loved connecting with people and helping them design something that fit their brand and who they were as a individuals. Everyone always said that I had a knack for seeing what people were about, and being able to bring that to light in design was my gift. The move toward photography was me really just wanting to do more of that, but with an elegant timeless media.


It really all began with love. When my husband and I got married I fell in love with the idea of helping other brides on their wedding days feel the way I felt. You wouldn’t think that someone who isn’t a fan of having her photo taken would jump at the idea of being a photographer; but It was when I got my wedding photos back and saw how beautiful the light was, how I smiled at my husband that I knew I wanted to share that feeling with others. My approach to taking photos stems from that very moment, I make sure to place you in the most flattering light, and give you opportunities to show me that special glimmer that the two of you share so I can capture it. I blend fine art photography and candid photo journalistic styles to capture your wedding day. Storytelling with real emotion is key to having a great wedding album that will last generations. Have a look at my Heirloom Albums to see how your day can be beautifully hand bounded with care.


These are the following events & occasions I cover:
Wedding & Engagement Photography, Boudoir, Maternity & lifestyle photos, Newborn in Studio Sets & Cake Smashes.






Soft, romantic & timeless fine art photography with candid emotion



About Kelowna fine art film photographer - JakeOne of my fondest memories of planning my wedding was the day before the big event, standing in my kitchen. My husband-to-be and I had just picked up all of the flowers for the wedding that still needed to be arranged. Every square inch of counter space, was overflowing with roses, hydrangeas and peonies – it made the house smell amazing! It even made my fiancé laugh and say “wow it smells great in here – we should have this many flowers in here all the time!” hence why I have flowers in my logo – to have flowers around all the time.


I am a sucker for a great hot drink. I personally think that Starbucks should have a “customer of the month” plaque because I would definitely be a contender, especially in the fall with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. However it might be a better idea to keep my addiction under wraps….but really how can you resist a warm hug from a frothy taste of heaven? I also have an entire cupboard dedicated to tea… but I won’t embarrass myself by going into it.


My most recent passion project has been the inclusion of film into my workflow. It’s exciting incorporating a format that seems to bring new life to the photos I take. Film photography has to be taken slower and for that reason the photos become more of a painting, a perfect moment with meaning and intention. Light is captured differently and photos seam more alive, its hard to explain so you will just have to have a look at my gallery to see.







Jennifer Hodder Photography has been featured in top wedding publications & contests such as
Shoot & Share, Magnolia Rouge, Love and Lavender, B Loved, The Knot Scotland, Boudoir Collective,
“How He Asked” by the Knot, and The White Wren.



Kelowna film photography



Okanagan Wedding Vendors


I have worked hand in hand with some of the best vendors that the wedding industry has to offer, I have even become close friends with a lot of them! Its important that your vendors work well together on your big day so there are no surprises. Since I have worked with so many amazing people, drop me a line if you need any help choosing someone.







Honestly… I just want to smother you with xoxoxoxox hugs and kisses!!!! I don’t know if I’ve ever met a workaholic (in a good way) to the capacity you are.
So admirable how diligent and driven you are. You’re going places and I’m so fortunate to know you and have your creativity by my side.