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Tanya & Jacob | Summerland BC | Family Photography

I consider myself a lucky photographer to have worked with such an easygoing family as the Wells family.  Jacob was a little shy at first; as I find every little one is, but warmed up quite quickly. Actual I wondered where he kept getting these hidden pockets of energy from. Independent and quick to give me that classic Jacob grin.

The session was cut a little short due to a missed nap, but the Wells family was a great help to get in all the shots that I did.

Thanks again Tanya, Jacob & family for a wonderful fall photo shoot.


All the following photos were taken in Summerland BC, fall of 2014. Canon 6D | 50mm & 24mm ...

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Hodder Photography Is Getting Social

Hey everyone,

I have been updating all of my social media to include my new photography. Have a look and follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.





I hope to keep everything upto date on all of the different platforms but I also don’t want to be to repetitive. So make sure you have me on all of your lists.


Thanks for all of your support.

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Canon 6D Manuals

For future or on the go reference, here are the Canon 6D manuals:

Canon 6D wifi manual

Canon 6D owner manual


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